Thinking about health and care can be a difficult time for everyone but you can call us for support.

Viaticum Emergency Entitlements is a fundraising platform that enables anyone to donate as little as £5 to directly fund life changing processes for people around the world.

Everyone's situation is unique,so the best way to understand what help available is to contact us for a chat.

We are a registered non-profit organisation in England and Wales.





100% of every donation made on VEE directly funds people's needs.We even pay the credit -card processing fees.Our operating expences are covered separately by Foundations,Philanthropists and Donors who kindly leave an optional tip during check-out.




Of course,we are 100%transparent.All our financials are publicly available on our transparency document.




100%of your donation diectly funds life-changing victims every month.You know exactly where your money goes.




Everybody!In order to be eligible for funding you must meet funding criteria.We mostly operate in communities that are so deprived financially and economically.We make decisions based on your situation,we do our best acting accordingly depending on nature of crisis.




We take private policy very seriously.Its important that averyone applying on VEE understands how we work.If you don't wish to be featured on our website,we have other options that are suitable.




Business partneships are otherways you can partner with VEE.Together your company or organisation can demonstrate a commitment to your global community,Engage;

1)Give an everlasting gift of hope.

2)Sponsor a community

3)Support a project.


Spread the word,worldwide.


Join thousands of people in raising awareness and raise money for millions of people suffering.


Transky Travel Affiliate Programme.


Transky is UK's largest travel supplier.We are there for customers at every stage of the journey to ensure the travel package you receive is of highest standard.Thats just one of the reasons why 98% of our customers rate us excellent or good.


Here are just some of the reasons to promote our programme;


  • We give back to the community

  • Up to 5% commission

  • Strong conversion rate for the affiliate channel and excellent customer retention rates.

  • Vast product range

  • Full set of general and seasonal banners

  • Best sellers product list available

  • Affiliate tracking is present on all payment gateways


Transky Travel Offers


  • Fully responsive user friendly site,clear layout,easy navigation and search,simple check-out.

  • 98%Customer recommendation rate

  • Excellent customer service

  • Thousands of products to select

  • In-house digital acquisition team available to help with extra information and specific requests.


We place a great deal of importance in working closely with affiliates.If you would like anything specific such as a custom graphic,to discuss any bespoke promotional opportunities or any aspect of the program please do not hesitate in contacting us.


We are here o help!!


Charitable giving.


Transky Travel gives back!!


Transky Travel is proud to support over 70 fantastic charitable organisations worldwide,with particular focus on underpriviledged children,refugees,including many other humanitarian crises.We are dedicated to the cause of helping those who are less fortunate and our valued customers are helping us make a big difference.Its just one more reason to feel good about travelling with us!


Leadership giving


A significant contribution can make you a Philanthropic,Join an inspiring group of leaders who are taking bold action to alleviate suffering and create vital opportunities worldwide.


Youth engagement


There are many great ways for youth to get involved in VEE,work to improve lives around the world.


Fundraise for us


1)Set up an online fundraising page for VEE.

2)Host an event to support VEE as a fun and rewarding way to get involved,get ideas,helpfuls hints and we provide materials for your event.

3)Charity challenge....TRAVELLING ADVENTURE WITH VEE, and raising money to benefit people,children in developing countries.


Take action


1)Make a single donation,monthly,quartely or yearly.

2)Sponsor a person

3}Sponsor a community

4)Sponsor a project.




Help with administrative or any tasks in VEE.




Help with Media,Videos,stories,publications and more.





Become a Medical partner;


Medical partners are on-the-ground organizations that provide reliable healthcare to people around the world but most importantly serve populations in low income countries.In order for VEE to form a relationship with a medical partner,they must maintain the highest of ethical standards and fit the following criteria;


1)Must be a registered legal and licenced entity in its country of operation.

2)Must have a History (at least 3 years) of providing reliable healthcare.

3)Must have a strong positive reputation within the local and national Medical community.

4)Must provide safe and ethical healthcare and be well-respected by the people they serve.

5)Must agree to allow VEE to perform due diligence,initial and ongoing to ensure compliance with specified financial,legal and ethical regulations.

6)Must be willing and able to designate a staff member to upload patient profiles and provide updates to Donors.

7)Must have a successful working relationship with UK and International based non-profit organizations.





If you know an organization that is interested in partnering with VEE,please feel free to email us;


We are always looking to learn more about quality medical organizations that align with our values.






1)Publication of all financial transactions;

We post all of our financials on our transparency document,including screenshots of fund transfers for every patient.

2)Real Updates;

You will receive an update with a post treatment photo and information about the outcome of the treatment you funded.

3)Partnering with the best;

We work with some of the most well respected Medical organizations in the world.

4)Direct transfers;

VEE funds are transfered directly to our Medical partner for the purpose of covering the cost of the patients healthcare.They are never handled by the patient and are never released to anyone for discretionary spending.






The Medical partner identifies a patient that needs healthcare cost,high impact healthcare and submits the profile to VEE.If the profile meets our criteria,we accept it and guarantee the Medical partner that we will cover the cost of providing care to that patient.VEE posts the profile online,VEE Donors find it,and the Medical partner provides care to the patient.After the treatment is provided,the Medical partner sends VEE  and update about the outcome of the treatment.

Once VEE receives the update,we send to the Donors who supported that patient and we then tarnsfer the funds to the Medical partners National/International Bank account to cover the cost of the treatment.






What is a legacy?

Legacies and bequests are gifts given in your WILL,They can be to a particular person or to an organization such as a Charity.Although these gifts aren't immediate,they are a vital source of income for VEE.


To give children the support they will need in future,would you consider leaving a gift to VEE in your Will?


I don't know whether or not it's crossed your mind before,but leaving a gift to VEE in your will,no matter how large or small,is remarkable thing to do.


I can still remember when I was first told that someone had left a gift like this to my own team.Thanks to that kind Donor,I was able to help three young care leavers start an apprenticeship-three young people who couldn't otherwise have been helped.It was a truly life-changing act of generosity.


You can be sure that,if you do leave a gift to VEE in your will,your money will help ensure thousands of our professionally trained staff and thousands of our volunteers have everything they need to be there to support the vulnerable.



Recognising your gift


Joining VEE's Philanthropy Network.


At VEE's we form long-lasting relationships with our key supporters.This enables us to really understand the issues they care most about and work closely with them to provide the best possible support for children,families and people going through some of the toughest times in their lives.


You can trust that your gift will be used to directly support the vulnerable and the disadvantaged;We provide regular updates on the impact of your gift,and a variety of opportunities to learn more about our frontline work and strategy throughout the year.


By joining VEE's Philanthropy Network,you become part of a growing group of passionate supporters who enable us to create tangible,lasting change for many people.


What we offer you;


One of our experienced relationship Managers will visit you,get to know more about your Charitable interests and suggest projects or areas we think are a good fit.


Each individual or family we work with is unique,and we will tailor our communications in line with your wishes.Some of the benefits we offer our Donors include;



  • Opportunities to visit our services and see the impact of your gift.

  • Invitations to interesting and varied events where you can learn more about our life-changing work and meet like minded supporters.

  • The opportunity to attend strategic briefings from our seniour leadership team.

  • The chance to get closer to our work and the issues affecting vulnerable children,families and people around the world through regular reports and updates.


VEE's innovation fund; Creating change for people around the world.


Our expert frontline staff are often first to identify emerging social issues and speak out on behalf of people without a voice who need help.Its vital we can respond quickly to their needs and provide new or enhanced services to give everyone the best possible support to realise their pontential.


But much of the funding we receive is restricted or inflexible,meaning we have to delay this urgent work until we can find funding-which can often take up to a year or more.


The innovation fund has been created to provide vital funding to fast-track innovative services that will ensure we can get help to everyone who need it and maintain excellence in our frontline work.







No,you can make a donation without registering,however,if you are a regular giver its worth creating an account with us as well as save all of your contact details for next time(VEE will never store your Bank details) The are other great benefits to register with VEE,you can offer goods,time or your services,fundraise for your favourite cause,leave a gift to a Charity in your Will or simply become a friend.





Gift aid is a tax relief from the government which helps Charities to earn more on their donations.To donate under the gift aid scheme,you must be a UK Taxpayer and have paid sufficient Tax (as income tax and / or capital gains Tax) to cover the amount that will be claimed by The Charity in each Tax year.Your chosen Charity must be registered with HMRC in order to be eligible for this.





Yes,we will send you a receipt by email.This can be used by higher rate Tax payers as a supporting evidence when submitting your self assesment Tax returns to HMRC.If you have made a donation but haven't received a receipt,please check your junk mail.






Yes!The availability of funds enables anyone to automatically support any needs,every month.






Yes,VEE allows people to make donations abroad.

Donations will have to be calculated in the foreign currency and converted using a currency converter.





At VEE, we understand that there is more than one way to give to Charity,so we have come up with a solution where individuals and Businesses can donate unwanted items,gifts,end of lines seconds and samples.

It could be anything from an old TV or blankets through to end season clothes,we really appreciate it.

We can also post requests for unwanted items.





Please provide as much information as possible about your item,include details about the items' size,condition,weight etc and if you have a picture,upload it.Add as much information as possible so that we can easily decide whether we can make use of the item.






We take your security seriously and we go above and beyond to ensure that your payment information is safe on VEE.

We start by serving our website over HTTPS, so that your browser only communicates with our servers over a secure channel.

If donating with a credit card,we back that up by validating your credit card's CVC number to complete a donation and by only storing the last four digits of your credit card number and the expiration date into our system.

The rest of your financial information is managed securely on our behalf by Paypal, a globally trusted payments company that has been certified a PCI Service provider level 1 by Visa.





In our frontline work

Start up funding from innovation fund Donors will also enable us to demonstrate the impact of our work and find funding to sustain it in years to come.


How it works


1)Our expert project workers come up with a bright idea to make life better for people worldwide.


2)This is rigourously assessed,looking at need outcomes and sustainability.


3)Once approved,the project is eligible for innovation funding.


There are two ways to pledge your support;


  • Donate to our seed fund- we ask that supporters make a suggested £5000 annual contribution which will be allocated to a project on your behalf.

  • Fully fund a pilot project-some of the projects awaiting funding require more significant investment-your support can get them off the ground.


Showing the impact of your gift.


You will receive an annual impact report at the end of each financial year,highliting each of the projects supported by the fund.


You will also be invited to meet front line staff from projects supported by the innovation fund and learn about their reach and impact.


Please join us and invest in people today!


Your support can help us pioneer new ways of supporting the most vulnerable,children,refugees and everyone in our society.


Together,we can ensure that those going through some of the toughest times in their lives have a voice,and get the best possible support to move forward and realise their potential.


Join our community of student volunteers(SEEDS)


Voluntary work is a great way for students to develop top CV, meet new people and help our work to turn people's lives around.


Student volunteers are increadibly important to VEE's.We constantly looking for commited people who are prepared to give a few hours a week to volunteer with us.


Please contact the VEE's student programme to discuss voluntary work for students and to find out about the opportunities available in your area,anyway,in the world!


Voluntary work for students at University


You could set up a VEE's University Society or there are lots of exciting opportunities to fulfil course requirements,including voluntary work in;


  • Event management

  • Food industry

  • Fashion and textiles

  • Performing arts/Filming and music

  • Travel and tourism

  • Environment


Students can also apply for student retail volunteer roles in Transky Travel Agency.


Voluntary work ideas


We are open to all ideas,not just traditional volunteering,some ideas that people have come to us with include;


  • Plans for running stalls in their students' union in association with their local VEE's store.

  • Arranging toner recycling schemes across their campus;providing support in our regional offices.

  • Helping our local media officers launch a new project


If you have any ideas and would like to get advice on how to get started please contact us,we would love to hear from you,where ever in the world you are!


Become a VEE's fundraising volunteer(Roots)Team.


VEE's fundraising volunteers make an important contribution to the work we do with people globaly.


''You don't raise money,you raise hope''


Volunteers can organise their own event or help at one of ours.Either way,you are bound to have fun time and feel good about making a contribution to VEE's work.


VEE's runs a host of fundraising events throughout the year that you may wish to attend as a guest,host or volunteer.


Corporate partnerships


Is your company thinking of linking with a major national and international Charity?What a great idea!

VEE's firmly believes that corporate Charity relationships should be mutually beneficial.That's why we make sure that our corporate partnerships are not a one way street,where companies give and we take.We are certain that your company can benefit greatly from a partnership with VEE's.


What brings your company's values to life?Building partnership with us will enable you to transform communities.It will bring advantages for your business too;

a)Increasing customer loyalty

b)Developing team spirit.

c)Differentiating you from competitors.

d)Generating positive PR.

Get in touch to develop partnership that will help the world while delivering your business objectives.


Corporate networking events


Corporate entertaining has been a main stay of business development activity for many years.However,with companies having to give greater thought about the level of spending on hospitality,many businesses have decided to support charitable events.This strategy enables them to demonstrably strengthen their own commitment to corporate and social responsibility as well as providing superb opportunities to entertain prospective clients and customers in aid of a good cause.


Transky Travel is running National,International and Regional corporate events which are now well established and corporate calendars that provide a unique combination of networking entertainment and friendly competitions.



Raise your profile


Working in partnership with VEE's can provide your company with a number of commercial benefits.


Support us as a Company.


We have a proven track record in working with prestigious corporate partners aligning key business objectives to make a significant social impact.


There are lots of ways you and your Company can support VEE's.


VEE's will work with you closely to ensure a successful partnership.


Your Company may be looking to;

a)Raise staff morale through fundraising

b)Partner with a strong and well trusted brand.

c)Sponsor an event

d)Encourage staff to volunteer for an emotive and vital Charity.


Nominating VEE's as your Charity of the year is a fantastic way to support and empower the millions of people who are struggling everyday.


Our support network


Our relationship management team who are located across the world will provide professional support for your partnership.


Engaging your staff


Offer staff unique and fun way to enhance their skills and be motivated by supporting a great cause.


Make a difference


Support VEE's on a national and international basis or support a specific appeal and make a big difference for the needy.


                              Work for us


If you love to travel,passionate about the world,love to share adventures and socialising,are comfortable being packed off to some incredible parts of the planet or work trips,then we want to hear from you,you will need to know your way around a computer as well as the world,work to targets and channel your sales,skills and enthusiasm to give Transky Travel customers the best experience imaginable its all about pace,challenge and change with destinations located across the globe,we support the Transky Travel Agency Network.


We have one of the most diverse work places in the world and are always on the lookout for talented people to join our team.We are always ''Customer obsessed'' which means providing the best service experience possible to our sales staff and customers.


                            Perks and Parties


As well as working ruddy hard,our staff are also good at partying,packing and seeing as much of the planet as they can...preferably for free.So as well as sending you off on educational trips to some awesome parts of the world Hawaii,Barbados anyone?We will also give you an annual travel allowance,Yes,that does sound a lot like we are paying you to travel doesn't it?

And because we work with the world's biggest Airlines and tour operators,you will get some seriously low airfares and mates rates on the adventures you do on your own time.

We also don't beleive in stuffy offices and dreary uniforms,so our work environments are cool and our staff are even cooler.And to show just how much we love them,each year we fly our Transky Travel Global Heroes and top sellers to somewhere hopelessly extravagant and exotic for the wildest party in travel-the Transky Travel Big Bash

This year it was Abu Dhabi,next year will is Los Angeles movie star's home tour.


So then,what will you be doing soon?


                  Non-profit Tourism


Since its founding,VEE's has been working in partneship with Transky Travel,a large non-profit travel and tourism institution.Pushing past the known boundaries of our world and beyond,our mission is to reveal untold stories that will inspire people and you to care about our world and the planet we both live in.


You can be a part of a story,your participation can shape what is discovered around the world.By participating in any travel and tourism projects supported by us,you can join thousands of others who are sharing many stories.


Anyone can conduct a travel and tourism research,based upon activities that engage people in documenting,studying and understanding our world and beyond.


                You can participate by;


  • Exploring maps and data,ask and answer questions about places

  • Conducting fieldwork and sharing observations and stories.

  • Joining social and scientific networks to document and improve communities.


Teaching students around the world.


VEE's is fostering a community of educators because we know that the best learning happens collaboratively.We live in an interconnected world.Now more than ever,our decisions have global implications no matter what you teach or where,chances are,you are teaching students about the world and people living in it.


Do you help your students;


....appreciate new cultures,new perspectives or new languages?


....think about how their decisions affect the lives of people,animals in the environmemts?


....understand how human and natural systems function and interact?


think globally and act locally?


How to participate


More students must be given this opportunity to be inspired and encouraged about our world through a combination of face-to-face and online activities,you can connect and collaborate on projects,give and receive support from educators facing the same day-to-day challenges and share successes and inspirations.




                 Trusts and Foundations.

VEE's is fortunate to have received the support of many grant-making organisations and has excellent working relationships with Charitable Trusts and Foundations which share in our vision;

A confident and thriving world

If you are a Trustee or have links with a Charitable trust or corporate foundation and are interested in our work we would be delighted to hear from you.We are always keen to form new partneships and  explore opportunities where there is real synergy with VEE's aims.

With thousands of people and families still waiting for our assistance,we would be delighted to discuss dedicated projects that fit with your specific interests and Philanthropic objectives,so please,get in touch.


                          What we can offer you.

With a friendly commited and experienced Trusts team VEE's can provide you with;

  • News of supported families/people and updates directly from the field.

  • Detailed project progress reports with case studies and photos.

  • Prompt grant acknowledgement and publicity,where appropriate.

  • Financial accountability and transparency.

  • A chance to visit our work where possible to meet our expert teams on the ground and the people whose lives have been transformed.


                  How your support will make a difference.


  • £5000 could provide one community group with training in sustainable agriculture and environmental conservation,enabling them to grow more crops/vegetables,providing food for their families and surplus to sell at markets.

  • £20.000 could provide 30 people with resources plus training and money to pay for their children's education.

  • £50.000 could empower 50 low income families with social development and gender training,income generation and food security.




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    Like what you read? Please consider making a donation.Any amount large or small,will contribute supporting VEE Charity,Viaticum Emergency Entitlements.

A group of top Donors that cares about people have chosen to step up,doubling every donation


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