We are deeply saddened by the humanitarian crisis currently impacting the Middle East, Europe, and Africa. More needs to be done to provide humanitarian aid to support the millions of refugees seeking safe haven. These men, women and children are facing the most difficult journey of their lives, often without the bare necessities of survival such as food, water, and perhaps most importantly, safety.

We echo the calls for leaders around the world to work towards a political solution to this crisis. In the meantime, we want to help those most in need by supporting on-the-ground humanitarian relief efforts. We strongly encourage others to do the same.

The Viaticum Emergency Entitlements Charitable Foundation has made a commitment to donate a total of £250,000 to two organizations that are providing essential assistance to the refugees. The United Nations Global Assembly(UNGA) and(UNESCO) United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation each will receive a donation of £125,000 from the Foundation.

We are encouraging the  travel community to join us in making their own donations. To amplify our community’s giving, the VEE Charitable Foundation will match our community’s donations, up to £5,000 per person, made to the UNGA and to UNESCO

With our contribution and yours, together we can give £1 million to help alleviate this crisis. Our global community can donate by going to UNESCO and UNGA and learn more about the refugee crisis and the important work these organizations are doing at the front line of the relief effort in Europe and elsewhere.

VEE has a long-standing culture of giving and giving back; therefore, we are also matching all donations made by VEE employees around the world to the UNGA and UNESCO. Additionally, we are allowing all VEE employees to take up to five days of paid leave to volunteer at any nonprofit organization that is tackling this refugee crisis.

We know that no single group or organization can tackle this crisis single handedly, but we hope that by working together to offer support and raise awareness we can play a small part in helping those most in need.

I cannot thank you enough for all your support,dedication and sacrifices.

Viaticum Emergency Entitlements Limited Company Number 9766997

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